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About India's Fast Growing online Shopping Website

Alifkart is a huge marketplace for Vendors/Customers looking for distinctive products online. This liquid Culture will eliminate the middle man and offer creative platform, that is both functional and impressive. The savings generated by this concept will be passed on to our customers who will be paying a fraction of what they normally do, for currently retreated culture in stores. The sellers will get direct profit and direct-to-doorstep leads. All our associate partners, seller/vendor, will get huge profit and we will focus in helping them build their own ‘BRAND’ as well.

VISION :Our vision is to become a trusted, effective and market en-lighting sales partner for all Indian sellers, irrespective of their size and helping them to find a good and healthy platform where seller and buyer can meet and perform business operations in a healthy manner.

OPERATING MODEL : Apart from bringing the reputed brands to our panel we will be keen in partnering in the small brands or manufacturers who don't have any presence yet now along with the wide range of products that are good/best and yet not available online for public sale, in other words they are available in local markets only.

In traditional market the seller has limited buyers and on the other hand several online marketplace claim to be helping both the seller and the buyer but are only busy in filling their pockets by exploiting the vendors by the means of huge charges incurred on the account of selling products online, also no consideration is present for small/ medium sellers so that they would also get benefited from the magic of online commerce. Alifkart is the illustration of this elevated idea which we have set to business with a strong sense of social consciousness, passion, and elite spirits.

Each and every seller/vendor is provided with a web space where he/she could showcase their own products for the means of selling to the targeted buyers. We will concentrate in promoting each and every product, seller has added. All our partners will be trained and educated to get found by the buyer in each and every aspect and help them in generating more sales which in turn would result in their growth and good position among buyers.


We will be involving in promotional activities of all products present in our panel and will take care of every hurdle or problem that seller/buyer is facing. We will be also providing knowledge sessions for our partners to uproot any single problem which might arise for them in the future. All this sets us apart from our competitors as no other business is considering comfort and profits of online sellers.


Alifkart will also help in delivering the products to the end users to help our partners focus only on their product and business development and not in the knick-knacks of delivery procedure.