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At Alifkart.com, we know that discount coupons are an essential tool to assist buyers in saving money. That’s why it is the goal of Alifkart to make using coupons at their website – www.Alifkart.com – easy and convenient for our customers. We accept all Alifkart.com-issued coupons, including reward points loaded on the customer’s registered account at Alifkart.com.

Alifkart.com redeems coupons in accordance with guidelines and the terms of the offer. To help ensure product availability at all times and an efficient checkout process and experience for all customers, the use of excessive number of coupons or multiple identical coupons is limited or prohibited as per the discretion of Alifkart.

When redeeming Alifkart.com-issued coupons at www.Alifkart.com, please ensure to:

  1. Use valid coupons at the time of purchase as we cannot give cashback or credit points for coupons that are current and not applied at time of purchase.
  2. Redeem your coupons within the time period applied to the coupon as we do not accept expired discount coupons or offers and deals.
  3. Match your purchase to the specific offer indicated on the coupon. No substitutions are permitted on Alifkart-issued coupons.
  4. Use Alifkart-issued Internet coupons that are legible and launched only by the merchant. Internet coupons identified as counterfeit and ones that do not match in our system will not be accepted. We reserve the right to refuse any coupon for “free” product, “buy one get one free” offers, and those with a high value in accordance to the item’s price.
  5. Keep a close watch on our current coupon discount policy and read details of the offer before using it for your online purchases.

Here are additional discount coupon restrictions:

  1. We reserve the authority to restrict the redemption of coupons as per availability and current fluctuation in products price list.
  2. Unless explicitly restricted or denied by the terms mentioned on the coupon offer, we acknowledge Alifkart-issued coupons just in the event that they are unmistakably recognized as substantial discount coupons and in the event that they apply effectively at checkout page.
  3. We don't acknowledge coupons that have been recognized as fake and maintain all authority to refuse any coupon that seems, by all accounts, to be fake and fraudulent.
  4. Only a legitimate discount coupon will be connected to every "BOGO” or “Buy One, Get One Free” offer as approved by Alifkart.
  5. We can't refund the estimation of a coupon or return the coupon if a bought item is later returned to Alifkart.com.
  6. Customers must pay all pertinent administration charges. The credit estimation of any Alifkart.com-issued coupon will be according to the merchant’s discretion.
  7. Alifkart.com does not acknowledge coupons or investment funds offers exhibited as a standardized tag on a cell telephone or other mobile electronic gadget.
  8. Coupons are non-transferable, and can be redeemed once.
  9. This Discounts Policy may be changed or modified as per the discretion of Alifkart and is subject to change without prior notification.